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Upstanding Elderly Raleigh Citizen Treated Poorly by ALDI and its landlord Greenway Financial LLC and property manager Hunter & Associates

August 30, 2016

Normally, I would not give out details regarding a client’s matter. However, in this case my client has consented to taking her case public as a vivid example of unfairness and extremely poor customer service. Also, I do not think this information has very much likelihood of materially prejudicing an adjudicative proceeding in the matter.



My client fell in the middle of fall at the ALDI store located at 4031 Wake Forest Road in Raleigh, North Carolina. My client was trying to retrieve a shopping cart, and she slipped on some wet leaves that had not been cleared and fell hitting her face. Apparently, nobody at ALDI or Eastgate Shopping Center or the property manager Hunter & Associates removed these hazards or arranged to have them removed, nor did anybody put any warnings during the rain or otherwise. The leaves posing the hazard were found days later in the same area, the only place to get carts. The rain on the day of the incident caused the area to become especially slippery and deceptively dangerous.

Nobody at ALDI saw the fall. My client managed to pull herself up and went inside the store where a cashier asked if she was alright. Some of the staff helped her wipe blood off and seemed concerned that she was bleeding. However, when the manager was called to talk to her, there was no offer to call family or an ambulance for the store’s elderly patron. The manager also did not ask her where she fell or ask to see the location. My client drove herself home.

She was still in a great deal of pain when she went to the emergency room at Rex Hospital a couple of days later. She complained of headaches, facial pain, multiple abrasions to her face and forehead and swelling to the bridge of her nose and maxillary region. She also had swelling and abrasions of her left knee. They performed a CT of her head and x-rays to her knee. My client was diagnosed with contusion to face, cervical strain, head injury and left knee contusion.

She was bruised for two months. Thanksgiving pictures and Christmas pictures feature the bruising. She was also upset that nobody from ALDI or Eastgate Shopping Center cared to call her to see how she was. The family know from their business that there is value of caring for customers, and that did not necessarily seem to be the case at ALDI or Eastgate Shopping Center.

My client was a very active 87 year old lady. She worked for the Angus Barn as a server, manager and trainer for over 42 years. She also raised two daughters on her own. When she retired in 2007 from the Angus Barn, it was to spend more time with her daughters and nine grandchildren. She cared for them during school breaks and after school, and she was very active in their lives.

My client is also very active in her church, including visits to the shut-in members of the church, taking them meals and driving them to doctor appointments. My client also works part-time at her daughter’s business as their credit manager and receptionist. She missed thirty two hours of work resulting in lost income. When she fell, it was months before she was able to begin to get back to normal, and even to this day, she is very nervous walking with a fear of falling. My client also missed going to the Angus Barn’s Christmas party, something she had not missed in over 48 years.

After the fall, my client needed help caring for her home, getting her groceries and getting to church. She is very independent, as she had been her entire life, and she did not like having to impose upon her daughters to help her because of her injuries.

Now, ALDI and its landlord and property manager are not accepting responsibility for damages to this nice eldery upstanding Raleigh citizen. They are forcing her to pursue a lawsuit against ALDI, etc. in which everyone will spend more on lawyers so they can fight. My client has been reasonable in settlement, but ALDI etc. have offered her nothing.

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